Waterproofing Membranes,Coatings & Air Bricks

Waterproof coatings and air bricks

In cases of a flood event many cases whether residential or commercial, if their has been standing water against the building, owners have found considerable damage has been done to the inner walls/plaster/electric circuits of the property, this is due to the outer wall acting like a sponge and over time soaking water into the cavity often at heights way above the flood level, your property then needs drying out internally and then some major building and electrical works, this could mean you are out of your home for some considerable time after the flood.

This can be reduced/prevented by using FLOODGUARD WALL SHEALD TREATMENT, we apply this silicone based product to the exterior of your property it then soaks into the external brickwork.


Brick, Stone and Rendered Surfaces can be treated with FLOODGUARD WALL SHEALD TREATMENT.

A clear silicone based formulation for application onto porous surfaces to form a water repellent barrier, protecting against damaging effects of rain, frost, ice, snow and  flood. Dries to form a clear invisible coating.

Automatic Airbricks From only £39.99

Airbricks are an important part of your buildings structure they allow air to circulate in the under floor area on the ground floor of your property so your wooden beams and floor are not affected by rot of any kind, however in a flood event they can allow water to enter the under floor area and cause and accelerate the problems they were first designed to do, this is why when you are considering flood protection for your property you should always change your airbricks to AUTOMATIC AIRBRICK these work great in a flood situation and close tight to prevent water entering your property and when the flood waters recede they open up again to allow air to circulate under your property, these are a must because they can also protect your electric circuit in your property that is often routed along beams in the under floor area, these can be supplied in various colours to suit your property.

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