Terms & Conditions

FLOODGUARD UK LTD inc (FG Specialist Doors).

TERMS & CONDITIONS OF SALE.(subject to alteration).


All delivery dates are given in good faith but may be subject to delays caused by weather conditions or any other reason.

Floodguard UK Ltd (FG Specialist Doors) will not accept any consequential loss from any delay in delivery/supply or installation.


Floodguard UK Ltd (FG Specialist Doors)agrees to sell to the purchaser, the goods and services as described overleaf.

The purchaser agrees to pay Floodguard UK Ltd(FG Specialist Doors) in the manner detailed overleaf and hereafter as per clause (4) for these goods and services .


No work will be done or services or materials supplied other than specified on this order form. Should extra work be required the purchaser will be informed of any extra works required and additional costs to be incurred and shall confirm by signature the acceptance of all extra works agreed.


The purchaser agrees to the following payment structure to Floodguard UK Ltd (FG Specialist Doors) for goods and services as described on the Order Form.


PAYMENT OF THE FULL OUTSTANDING BALANCE including VAT On the MORNING of the 1st day of Installation . Payment by cheque should be made to our installers upon arrival. BACS, Credit or Debit card payments should be made in advance of our Installers arrival. In any case should be confirmed to our offices no later than 10.30 am on the day of installation. Non payment in accordance to these terms, unless with authorised credit terms or prior written permission, will result in a delay in the installation process which may result in ‘Additional Work’ or costs added to the contract payable by the customer.

All payments must be made via bank transfer, bankers draft, building society cheque, personal cheques will be acceptable only by prior arrangement.bank transfers should be paid direct to Floodguard UK Ltd bank account as detailed on our Order Form. All payments are payable to:  Floodguard UK Ltd,


This contract is not subject to cancellation other than as required by the consumer regulation 2013 we must receive notice of cancellation in writing, stating your reason/s for cancellation by post to be received at our office as detailed overleaf no later than 14 days of the date of this agreement this applies to residential customers only. Customers may waive their right to cancel should they request their order to be put in to manufacture immediately. This option should be indicated and signed on the Order Form if required.

Commercial customers no cooling off period applies. Email notifications are not valid for cancellation purposes under this clause.


This agreement is subject to our surveyors report. Amendments may be made at any time after survey only by Floodguard UK Ltd.


The products and services and workmanship are guaranteed against fault and defect under our terms of guarantee .

Where proprietary brands are supplied, then the suppliers guarantee will be transferred to the customer. Regular maintenance as recommended by Floodguard UK Ltd will be required to maintain the integrity of your system and to extend the term of your guarantee term beyond the initial 24 month period. Regular maintenance should be seen as an important part of your flood protection plans. Maintenance can only be carried out by a qualified Floodguard UK Ltd engineer any tampering or adjusting of Floodguard UK Ltd products will void any guarantee and release Floodguard UK Ltd from any consequential liability.

Floodguard UK Ltd guarantee are given in addition to customers normal statutory consumer rights.

De-mountable products are guaranteed on a ” Return To Base ” condition. Guarantees are transferable upon sale of the purchasers property to the new owners. With regards  to TELEPHONE ONLY ORDERS, EMAIL ORDERS, ORDERS UNDER SUBCONTRACT AGREEMENTS or via any other form of communication other than our official Order Form then FloodGuard UK Ltd (FG Specialist Doors) Terms and Conditions shall prevail. Call outs under our terms of guarantee may be subject to an initial charge prior to our visit. This may be refundable in the event of a successful guarantee claim.


Floodguard UK Ltd policy is of continued improvement. We reserve the right, without any prior notice ,to vary the design and specification within this contract as Floodguard UK Ltd (FG Specialist Doors)requires. Actions under this clause may be at anytime as decisions in manufacture and on-site may have to be made without notice. Any delays caused by any alterations deemed necessary by FloodGuard UK Ltd (FG Specialist Doors) shall not be deemed as a breach of contract.


Floodguard UK Ltd (FG Specialist Doors) will not be responsible for changes in colour or composition due to weathering, normal wear and tear, adverse weather conditions or any other reason , or the matching of stains, paints or exterior or interior finishes on work undertaken. Bare woods may be treated with fillers, undercoat and primers only, final finish and colour will be the responsibility of the purchaser. Floodguard UK Ltd (FG Specialist Doors) will not be responsible for what in our opinion is not consistent with fair wear and tear. Mechanical devices such as locks ,handles, hinges are guaranteed for the initial 12 month period only.


The purchaser must allow reasonable access to Floodguard UK Ltd (FG Specialist Doors) workmen /agents to complete the installation and to the provision of electrical power.


The full contract price must be paid upon order for all ” Supply Only ” contracts.


When a purchasers own measurements are supplied and used, no responsibility will be accepted by Floodguard UK Ltd (FG Specialist Doors) for the suitability of fit.


All planning permissions and consents are the sole responsibility of the purchaser, including permissions from any authority or regulatory body that may be required for the installation, prior or after the installation.

14) LOSS;

Flood damage can cause a natural disaster and loss that may result in the total loss of property.  Floodguard UK Ltd (FG Specialist Doors) are not responsible for any loss caused by flood or howsoever caused, Ingress of water is not covered by Floodguard UK Ltd (FG Specialist Doors) guarantee. Causes and effect of flood shall be deemed outside Floodguard UK Ltd (FG Specialist Doors) control and as a natural disaster. Floodguard UK Ltd (FG Specialist Doors) will endeavour to provide the purchaser with products and/or services that perform within or exceed the guidelines of British Standards Institute PAS 1188/2014 which may significantly reduce the risk or effect of flooding with proper use and annual maintenance as recommended by Floodguard UK Ltd (FG Specialist Doors).


The products and services shall remain the property of Floodguard UK Ltd (FG Specialist Doors) until all balances due are paid in full.


The purchaser agrees to be bound by these terms & conditions herein only.


Upon our Fitters considering the contract works ‘ complete’, they will ask the customer to inspect the work carried out to confirm that the works have been carried out in accordance to the Order Form, and to their entire satisfaction. The customer will be required to sign a Custom Satisfaction Note. (Our Fitters are instructed not to leave a job until the customer is entirely happy with our work). All guarantee and operation manuals/paperwork will then be forwarded to the customer.The person who signs the Customer Satisfaction Note is deemed to be a ‘responsible person’ and able to carry out such an inspection to confirm the works are to the required standard. Any future Snags, alterations, adjustments or other works shall fall under the Terms of Guarantee and shall not effect the performance of this contract.


This contract is governed by the Laws of England ,should any dispute arise between the purchaser and Floodguard UK Ltd or FG Specialist Doors) then determination and settlement shall be conducted in the area of Floodguard UK Ltd registered offices or any other venue as instructed by Floodguard UK Ltd and shall be conducted in the name of FloodGuard UK Ltd.

All costs for determination including any and all legal or third party experts shall be the responsibility of the purchaser alone and to include all Floodguard UK Ltd costs for their legal or/and third party experts in any action taken against Floodguard UK Ltd without exception.