Floodguard UK Ltd

Floodguard UK Ltd have provided for many years bespoke flood protection products and solutions.

Our services are available throughout the UK, also we can provide you with our first class products and services worldwide.

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Floodguard UK Ltd, offer a diverse selection of products designed to suit all requirements, flood protection, flood prevention, flood management, flood resilience  for residential, commercial and historical conservation buildings are all available from Floodguard UK Ltd

  Large, small and medium size companies have been relying on our company for over 25 years to ensure that their premises have a solid and reliable barrier against rising water levels. In addition to commercial properties, our expert team have also been given quality advice and provided automatic flood protection products to homeowners that live in high risks areas throughout the UK and Channel Islands, thousands of happy Floodguard UK Ltd customers.  

And with an excellent credit score you know your in safe hands!


Our credit score of 87 0ut of 100 means we are financially sound.

 International credit rating is A means we are low risk to overseas customers.

Floodguard UK Ltd are well respected within the flood industry.

Much of the top technology that is used in our work is completely exclusive to us; patented flood protection and prevention products include Floodpruf™ Doors (automatic compositeUPVChardwood and commercial doors), Flood Guards with “easy lift on/lift off action”, hinged gate barriers, Door Guards, Window Guards, Flood Barriers, Water Stops, Air Bricks, Non Return Valves, garage doors, Waterpruf Wall Coatings, New pumpable waterproof floor screeds and Floodproof Membranes, Cellar & Floor waterproofing treatments.    

 Floodguard UK Ltd travel throughout the United Kingdom and the rest of the world to deliver unparalleled flood protection and services.

Our complete service helps to restrict incoming future flood dangers but it also ensures that you’re able to cope with several issues post-flood. Our de-contamination and sewage sanitisation products for properties overcome with foul water have been designed with the aim of restoring your property back to normal after disaster strikes.

Contact us to find out how our flood protected doors, flood protected shop doors,flood gates,garage and roller shutter doors special wall coatings and floodproof airbricks will help to significantly improve the protection of your home or business against future disasters. 

In addition to floor-level rooms; basements, sub floor spaces cellars also require treatment and protection from floods and storms. Where ever property is at risk of flood or storm damage use Floodguard UK Ltd to give you and your property the best possible defence. 

Floodguard UK Ltd The solution wherever flooding is a problem.