Flood Barriers, Guards And Gates


Flood Barriers, Guards And Gates

Super Lightweight Flood Barriers, Guards And Gates.

Easy, Simple, StrongĀ And Fast To Deploy!

Our super lightweight guards/barriers are ideal for those who require flood protection and have a low budget, constructed with aluminium andĀ  multi cavity polycarbonate panels are high in strength and low in weight making them so easy and fast to deploy, designed to suit the elderly and those people who have a low strength threshold.

So for your front/rear doors, French doors, Garage doors

these could be the answer!

For those people that live close to or on the riverbank and have lowline glazing in their property then be assured in a flood scenario you will be at risk not just from the water but from often large heavy items that could crash through the window or glazed doors and allow contaminated water enter your property and cause considerable damage.

In those circumstances we can offer you our Titan flood guards/barriers this product is super strong but also lightweight constructed from a double skin aluminium that can be deployed easily and with speed saving you the risk of being flooded and the catastrophic damage flooding can do to your property in any rural location.


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