Auto Flood Protected Office Doors

Don’t let flooding stop your business

Many businesses across the United Kingdom have important offices based on the ground floor in a flood risk area, and it is important for them to protect their business, staff, and damage to documents they hold.

 The frequency of flooding in many areas has increased as years have gone by and our records show that areas that were not flooded in the past are now being affected by the change in weather patterns.

So it is important for you to take action now before you are hit with the devastation that flooding can bring.


Choose from the widest choice of doors and unique flood products available on the market today

You will be surprised what can be done to protect your building without the need to erect and dismount barriers, for example beautiful door designs fitted with our ADSS (automatic door sealing system) work for you 24/7 and operate totally automatically so when there are flood waters rising against your property our special sensors detect this and bring in the inflatable seals which prevent contaminated flood waters from entering your building and when the flood waters have gone away the seals deflate ready for the next flood event, all operates automatically.

Many areas in a building that could be breached by flood waters you need these areas flood protected.

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