Auto Flood Protected Glass Sliding Doors

Flood protection automatic glass sliding doors

Many business’s in town centres and cities that are in flood risk areas are at high risk of flooding those companies that have already experienced a flood event know how disruptive that can be, the main cause of the problem is the amount of water that accesses the building through glass sliding doors, some companies try to mitigate flooding by using flood barriers , but these require physical mounting and demounting¬† and of course flash floods are difficult to predict, so this method of flood protection is not always reliable.

You can now be protected from flooding, our new sliding glass doors integrated with our A.D.S.S.(automatic door sealing system) will protect your business building and stock from flood damage.

With a wide range of design options, we are sure we can provide you with a suitable solution please contact us by telephone or complete our FREE SURVEY REQUEST and our friendly staff will assist you with professional advice.

automatic glass sliding doors flood protected

So if require flood protection for this type of product and are upgrading your building or your planning a new build then let us have the details of your project and we will prepare a personal quotation for you!

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