See our exclusive Award Winning Automatic Door Sealing Flood Protection System

The FloodProof ™ Automatic Door Sealing System has unique Smart Sensors that activate upon detection of rising flood water.



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 Flooding Puts Over 5 Million At Risk In The United Kingdom

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So If Flood’s are Your Problem And Your Located In Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Republic Of Ireland Or England Or Anywhere In The UK We Can Help You!

It is important now for property owners to take serious action now to protect their property

Those that have already had a flood will tell you about the misery that flooding causes, homeless for periods of 12 months or more, loss of valuable and irreplaceable items, furniture and electrical goods ruined, vehicles and major damage to your home or if you are in business major damage to your property, stock, machinery, equipment and cash flow.

We all know the weather conditions can be unstable, unrelenting and does not discriminate.

These conditions are forecast to get worse and more frequent.

Many products that exist within the industry are comprised of standard and inefficient structures that don’t offer a competitive barrier against rising water levels; conversely our range of products comprises the latest technological developments in flood defence.

We Offer Free survey on guards, doors, barriers, gates,  protection for garage doors, protection for roller shutter doors and a wide range of additional flooding protection products giving you the best defences against flood, floods, flooding. 

We both supply and install all our products, which are rated as the most advanced available, to offer you the most complete service on the market.

Both home and business owners will have the means required to maintain peace of mind when the property is at risk by adverse weather.

The first step to protection involves contacting a member of our friendly team who will conduct a survey and advise you on the best products to suit your situation from our range, 

  Flooding is devastating largely because it is a natural occurrence and therefore completely unavoidable as well as unpredictable; for this reason it’s of paramount importance to protect your property before flooding becomes an obvious issue.

By identifying all possible entry points for water, Flood Guard UK will protect these areas with perfectly fitted products.

With over 16 years of experience in the flood defence industry, our professional team will deliver the skills necessary to give you a potentially life saving service for a property. 

Floodguard UK offer the most effective and practical forms of flooding protection available.

If you own any property that as been flooded or your property is situated within a flood risk area then you must take action to protect your property, so you are not affected by the misery and need of having to vacate your home or business.

Complete peace of mind provided by installing high quality  protection products from Floodguard UK Ltd.

Taking preventative measures now before it’s too late will ensure that you will be able to get insured for flood risk in a high risk area – keeping your insurance premiums to a minimum and also avoid experiencing a massive personal tragedy.

Through the detection of rising water, our automatic flood doors are just one example of the advanced technology that’s incorporated into our flood defence systems that will protect your home or business. 

Flood Proof Composite Doors –  Wooden Doors – French Doors – Garage Doors – Steel Doors – Roller Shutter Doors, Your Home Or Business Protected By Waterproof Doors.